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Who We Are
Lumicon ™ is a façade engineering, consulting and project management company that takes an integrated and holistic approach to the building envelope
We trust in integrated approach to engineering in civil construction for the purpose of economic rationalization, as we strive for the ultimate level of success. Starting with the skin of the building, the body's largest organ and intelligent regulating boundary for all other body parts – down to the foundation, our job is to design the parts and place them correctly, to animate them well, bringing each project to life as a beautiful and healthy creation
Architecture begins where engineering ends...
- Walter Gropius, Founder of the Bauhaus School
We simply don't agree!
Beauty alone can often be too expensive. And simplicity alone sometimes create a wall between art and engineering that should not exist. We value simplicity and beauty that last over time. We use science to find creative, memorable and meaningful solutions to give you a perfect balance of effective beauty – the modern classics that time can't capture and a style that remains long after the fashion fades
Our Services
We create customized façade and interiors solutions
Our commitment is to meet the requirements and complexity of each individual project. We look forward to these challenges that may be presented with each new project, never knowing what we will face tomorrow.

We work diligently and with transparency to create collaborative and cooperative partnerships with our Clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our Clients.
Faсade & Interiors
» Requirements management and coordination of project participants

» Concept design and preliminary calculations (envelopes, BMUs, media-facades)

» Iterative assessment of project budget

» Preparation of technical specifications and tender packages

» Organization and coordination of tender procedures

» Analysis and optimization of building energy efficiency

» Organization and implementation of testing procedures

» Bid and submittal review

» Project observation and supervision

» Peer review services

» QA/QC activities
Faсade & Interiors
» Concept design

» 3D-modelling

» Full cycle of calculations and simulations

» Development of detailed design, fabrication and installation drawings and schematics

» Design of steel fixation structures and bearing subconstructions

» Design of non-glass structures (stone, ETFE, composite panels, ...)

» Preparation of method statements, project quality plans, QA/QC procedures, ...

» Development and redevelopment of facade and interior architectural solutions

» Full-cycle service inherent to interior glazing and complex interior structures (partitions, balustrades, doors, floors and stairways, pools and aquariums, ...)
Facade project
» Budgeting and financial management

» Preparation of project scheduling

» Development and audit of quality control systems

» Preparation of logistics plans

» Legal support (preparation of Supply Agreements, definition of country of origin, ...)

» Preparation of project reporting

» Representation of Client at project meetings

» Risk management

» Material supply

» "Turn-key" project implementation

Our Projects
The geographical and typological variety of our projects has become one of the main sources of our experience and inspiration
Our commitment is to look after the interests of our Client – Investor, Developer and Architect – and we do our job with honesty and integrity. We are engaged with the desires of the Customer. We are creative, yet pragmatic – with the ability to wed efficiency with beauty

Our Team
Our knowledge and experience is in a «unity of unlikes», a unique fusion of many years of activities of top-notch professionals from different fields of engineering – civil, mechanical, systems, industrial and aerospace
Our diverse Team is able to view tasks from different perspectives as we collaborate with a broad network of creative and innovative Partners from all over the world. We offer a unique synthesis of technical solutions that allows us to solve complicated questions specific to design, energy-efficiency and cost optimization of the facade and interior glazing
Nikolay Kolomiychenko
General Manager
13 years in construction
Victor Temkin
Head of Project Management
22 years in construction & engineering
Vladimir Ryzhkov
Head of Design
more than 30 years in construction & engineering
Marlon Villanueva
Senior Project Manager
More than 25 years in Philippines construction market
Wynel Sadsad
Project Consultant
More than 5 years in engineering

Ludmila Antikhovich
Facade Designer
More than 25 years in engineering
completed projects
civil engineering experience
meters of tallest building
Contact Information
We know how to create efficiency - starting with our internal structure
We established an office and legal entity in Manila (Philippines) that is staffed with our best specialists because we clearly recognize the importance of the Philippine market for our future and the enormous potential of the entire region of Southeast Asia. Our staff is ready to address your requests on a 24/7 basis for your complete satisfaction. We have our back-offices in Minsk (Belarus) and Moscow (Russia)
Unit 206, The Annex Bldg.
#24 General Araneta Str.,
San Antonio Village, Pasig City,
1600 Metro Manila, Philippines
Landline: +63 2 906 5500
Mobile: +63 977 814 4445